making rounds. day 1.


So yesterday, I had to repent for my complacency. But repentance is not really repentance until there is an actual ‘turning around’ from the old way. Repentance, contrary to most people’s perception, is not mainly about ‘feeling sorry’ for ones sin. True repentance, is forsaking the old and walking in the new. It is a 180 degree turn. With or without tears, it is the action that proves a repentant heart genuine.

This morning, while I was praying, I clearly sensed the Holy Spirit urging me to ‘do something.’ If you’re really repentant Riz then you will do something now. You won’t wait another day to be able to reach out to your community. Isn’t that what true repentance it? Coupling our mouth’s confession with action? Faith without works is dead. Words without actions is hypocrisy. I dare not be a hypocrite before God! I said, okay Lord, we have to do this today! It can’t wait! God’s love is brimming with a hunger to touch his creation through us his children who have experienced the love of Christ.

I found myself rushing to get ready. (Can’t walk around praying for people without taking a bath first, ya know…) I walked out of my house and strolled around the village looking for someone to pray for (and hopefully share the Gospel to if the Holy Spirit opens a wider door). I walked and walked…. It was 9AM… My goodness everybody’s inside!! (Except for some old men whom I didn’t want to approach unless the Holy Spirit specifically leads me to because I was a lady ministering alone. Teehee. Some wisdom learned from experience here.) FYI, we’re only 40++ houses inside our village. Pretty intimate ambiance huh? Perfect for revival.

So everybody’s inside except for some men and a teenage boy riding his bike. I didn’t feel like spooking him off so I thought I’ll make friends with him some other day. So God… do we really have to knock on doors now? Eeeeeep! On my first day knocking on doors? Well, I was really repentant that I didn’t care so much. I just had to do something. So I approached an open door. So I didn’t have to knock…

I ended up praying for a Christian! Tears were about to fall already even at her first mention of her brother who’s sick. It turned out her dad and husband both have diabetes. And her mom has a heart disease! No wonder the tears!!! I wanted to find someone to share to someone who has not heard of Jesus but instead, God led me to a Christian’s house that is in need of God’s glory to manifest through healing! Then I felt God speaking to me strongly about the Church. The Church needs to hear the full Gospel! The Gospel that heals the sick and raises the dead. The Church needs to be able to minister in signs and wonders! We need to encourage our brothers and sisters and help them seize the benefits that have already been afforded them by the passion and death of Jesus.

I went to the next door and the man of the house said they were busy but he’d love to have his kid prayed for. She’s sick with some kind of congenital disease, with manifestations of jerky movements — I think… I have to verify later. He’ll let us know when they will be available to be prayed for. Holy Spirit come!

Now I’m back in my room looking for that passage that says that ‘we will lay our hands on the sick and they shall recover.’

I ended up opening this PDF file: 7 Commitments of a Forerunner by Mike Bickle. One of the commitments is to Pray Daily:

Our commitment to pray daily is expressed in three main ways, by cultivating intimacy with God, interceding for revival, and praying for the sick to be healed…

<scroll down>

Scripture commands us to pray for the sick and oppressed (Mt. 10:8; Mk. 16:17; Jas. 5:14-15). It is a commandment, not an option. If we think it is optional, then we can put it off until the future instead of engaging in the prayer of faith today. The Lord wants us to operate in the supernatural ministry of the Spirit as a lifestyle.

It’s almost as if the Holy Spirit is ingraining in my heart and head, “You wanna preach the Gospel? Learn to pray for the sick. You’ve done your homework on intimacy and intercession. Keep doing it. Ask for increase in those two but start praying for the sick too! I love the sick and I want to heal them so go do your part. Lay your hands on them, and they will…

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Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. – Les Brown


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