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Light the Candlesticks, My Priest

by Obed dela Cruz

Strength is frail when darkness wraps the mortal frame of clay
And keeps the dream far away from thoughts of the serene.
Let this spark fail not anymore to shine like the day
And show the broken the fields of roses and the green.
Light the Candlesticks, my Priest.

They found no more pleasure when barrels of wine went dry,
Nothing left to fill empty cups of silver and gold.
Lost in their desires, they go to the streets with a cry,
The unending wail of men for heat over the cold.
Light the Candlesticks, my Priest.

And they rush towards the wedding with their lamps and oil.
Patiently they waited for their time to celebrate.
But when they fell asleep at the bosom of cursed soil,
Their blaze of passion turned cold and they learned it too late.
Light the Candlesticks, my Priest.

Worldly days are glowing dim, surrendered to the night;
Cold and silent in the absence of all the whispers,
But my heart is yearning more than tales of shining light,
It yearns warmth and hope that can answer all the prayers.
Light the Candlesticks, my Priest.
Copyright © 2010 by Prince Obed de la Cruz
(October 25, 2010; Marikina City)
(This poem is written by PRINCE OBED de la CRUZ. To use it in a proper manner, please email him at

I’m so proud to say I know the guy who wrote this poem. Go Obed, stay inspired and in love with God. 🙂



broken. humbled. a life that's ruined for a cause. a jesus revolutionary.

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