Where Do Good Ideas Come From? This is the title of a book by Steven Johnson. I am not promoting the book but take a peek into the book’s theory on how good ideas develop, evolve and emerge, and how the Internet is speeding up this process. [Not to mention the coffee shop + Wifi experience] Check out this entertaining and mind teasing video:

A personal reflection. Whereas the typical stage drama develops with gradual increase in tension until it reaches a surging climax and eventually swings down again into a mid-emotional ending, the world as we know it in the brackets of time, I think, is only up for intensified drama and is ever nearing its ultimate climax – the return of the Bridegroom. In other words, life on planet Earth is not about to slow down anytime soon. Neither is life JUST speeding up, it will keep shifting to a higher gear!

We’re up for continues acceleration. And our generation has been set up for it! With all the books, teachings, unheard of technology that speeds up the transfer of information, computing how fast the ends of the earth will be reached by the Gospel, will not be a matter of old school mathematics. Don’t you think?

The harvest is great but the laborers are few, pray… [insert your personal realization here]


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