the cellphone fast

Here’s a continuation of a blog I posted last week

God had a ready answer for her even before she started the fast. It was a cellphone and dinner fast which had turned into a cellphone fast only. Dinner had become too hard to resist. Haha. But God was not hard on her at all. On her first fasting day, my friend and neighbor, Lothy, already had a breakthrough: a close friend cried on her shoulder opening an opportunity to point that friend towards God.

Lothy’s teenage friend just lost an older cousin and is facing problems at home and in school… The fearful girl runs to her saying ‘I don’t know what I’d do if I lose my friends too! I would have no one to run to if that happens!’

The young Christian on cellphone fast lovingly rebukes her friend, “Don’t say that! You have to learn to look up. I see you’ve always looked to people for support but you have to learn to turn to God…!” Later that day, her friend thanked her for it. Holy Spirit come now!

Whoa. I didn’t teach her that. She may not have a consistent prayer time but God is already using her. How much more once she’s unlocked more power from the Word of God?

The idea to fast came from a book (For Such A Time As This) I lent her. She applied the lessons right away. She’s sharing it to her friends too. Isn’t it awesome how things are shifted by even just one step of obedience?

Curious what book that is? You may check related post: Shepherd-on learning to depend.


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