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Doki at Saguijo - 8
Doki Puno. Photo Credits:

Note: This is not a music critic or a band review. This is just a journal entry. Please forgive the lack of more accurate words to describe this band’s music. I am not a music critic. 😛
Ako ay Pilipino Event Poster

We met them on Ako ay Pilipino‘s kick off event last February 2010. Ako ay Pilipino has just published a cutting edge book that compiles history-based literary works and anecdotes about the Filipino nation’s God-given destiny and wealth. They were one of those who came to play for free, together with other bands like Salamin and Severo, to name a few. My friend Vanni, who organized the event for Ako ay Pilipino, said they were a young emerging band. Among the rest of those playing that night, their set was the one which held us curious and wondering what to expect, until their first song.

They were the first to play that night. It was definitely a pleasant surprise to hear them rock the venue with raw, passionate, soulful music. That night, Doki Band had exceeded my expectations, and the rest of our event team had the same response as mine, “I love Doki!”

But it was not just their unique sound, a refreshingly craved-for addition to the growing list of Philippine bands, it was their vision to be used for the nation and for God that brought some sparks. I had a short chat with Doki that night and she was beaming while telling me about how their band’s vision is so much in line with Ako ay Pilipino’s vision. I had no idea!

It’s super cool how a group of musicians whose music we had no idea if it will fit the bill, turned out to be a band whose sound we would eventually follow around the Metro’s music hubs. So yeah, although for no officially reason time, our team of Ako ay Pilipino Coffe Table Book writers and graphic artists still listen to their music.

Do check out their MySpace page:

Here’s one favorite: That Road by DOKI. And some vids:

Harapin Official Music Video


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