get the dead into the game!

So I was browsing and I really sensed God confirming His words to me through this prophetic word. I’m not even sure if it’s just for the U.S. But the 2nd and 3rd parts really struck me being the very things I have been receiving during the past weeks…! <Colored texts and underscores – my emphasis>
Chuck D. Pierce:
“Watch the Rearrangement of Islands, for Islands Will Not Just Shake But Be Rearranged”

Here is a recent key word that was spoken by the Spirit of the Lord at our Head of the Year conference:

<click here for link to complete article. I cut out the first part to save space. ‘Coz I don’t like long blog entries. :P>

Watch the Arrangement of the Islands

“…Watch the rearrangement of islands for no longer will anyone be an island to themselves. Some will say, ‘This island that I have been on has been my life and been my home.’ But now you will be connected in a new way.

“Many of you have refused to become part of a mainland. No longer will you be independent in your expression and culture but you will blend in a new way with Me. You’ll move with Me. Some who have been an island will now have to learn how to blend with the overall structure of My society called ‘ecclesia’ and ‘Kingdom’. You will now learn the culture of the Kingdom. No longer can your gift remain independent. You will have to integrate, integrate, integrate. This is a time of integration. You will begin to look the way I have destined you to look.

“Movements will now blend and I will create a wind of the blend of the movements. Many movements have remained segregated, but now I will integrate movements. Movements in days ahead will no longer be of man but of Me. A divine integration is penetrating the earth. No longer can you remain an island to yourself.

You Have Never Been This Close Before

“Every place you have prayer walked, I will send a wind. Heaven is meeting earth and the wind of the Spirit in each of you is rising up. This is a prophetic act – the wind of change will be loosed on the earth. Reach up. I am here to raise you up. This has never happened before. You have never been this close before. Press! Press! You will know what to do with My power. You will know what to do with My Spirit. I have watched you for 20 years. I have found a people who will move with Me, who will listen to Me, who will walk with Me that I can invade the earth.

You are witnessing the creation of the next move of missions throughout the earth. I have held every place that I have asked you to tread to be blown on by Me. Now all of a sudden as faith arises from earth, Heaven will respond with My wind. This will create Spirit action in the earth. Strongholds will fall and transformation will begin!”


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries



Personal Comments:

on integration

I am seeing the integration of movements already. I see it in Jesus Revolution with its partnership with Boss The Movement, how it birthed and inspired new things like the Ring of Fire Alliance as well as others it may not be aware of. It has also been working closely with other prayer movements and other nations.

I’m seeing it in 1040Movie and how it is working with TheCall and Luke18Project, and the other campus movements through the PurplePigTour.

It has been happening to a certain extent but only to a limited scale. These are just precedents. We see forerunners trailblazing for us, doing the things that we never thought were possible! But if you hear the call and sense the hunger to also take part in the new wine the Holy Spirit is pouring out, then it could be God has called you to be a forerunner amongst forerunners because our generation IS already a Forerunner generation. But the rest of us has to hear the call!

I personally experienced being thrust into situations (here’s my blog entry on that) where I have to learn to adjust to different church cultures and methods because I’m working with people from different ends of the ‘denomination’ spectrum. God is teaching me to get integrated into His Body because it is as ONE BODY only that we can fulfill our highest purpose. God has been hammering this on me through other teachings. He is into this business of integration because He wants to release GREATER POWER – that which is only possible through SYNERGY – integration, unity, cooperation and submission to one another.

Many groups have remained independent until now, refusing to unite with ministries that involve ‘other groups.’ I sense this word is an encouragement to those of us who have been trying to unite the Body of Christ. Our humbling down before one another is not in vain, it is bearing the fruits of unity and more humility within the Body of Christ because unity and integration was not even originally OUR idea, but God’s. And so He IS doing it with the wind of His Spirit. Pour out the forerunner anointing!

on missions

I truly believe that there is a new missions movement. Some of us may have partly witnessed the first fruits of it but these new wine we see being poured out is again, just the precedent of a continuously expanding movement and ever increasing sound of a call to GO into the nations — your family, neighbors, school, workplace, city, nation, and other nations — with a new strategy, one that burns with the signature of the Holy Spirit, the Book of Acts come alive even to be exceeded in glory (because we’re going from glory to glory as the Scriptures says).

We are in the midst of a great move of God and I have seen that in so many ways, the enemy has found a distraction for each one of us, so that we would get numbed from God’s stirrings, and lured into temporary satisfactions. But I also believe that (as usual), God is not about to be outwitted by the enemy. God has launched another raid that is about to awaken us and “get the dead into the game.” (I heard that phrase from a Campus America podcast with a very timely message as well.) I believe that God is sending another call to Intimacy and He is doing this by snatching us (see Hosea 2) one by one to take us into his chamber of love. Just like my recent post (Baptism of Love). So fear not because there will be lovers for the day of battle. Oh yes, I’m but encouraging myself with my own word. 😉 Let’s do this guys!



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