Baptism of Love

Hi everyone, I just wanna share something I stumbled upon. It IS all about LOVE!:


Elijah Maswanganyi:
A Baptism in Love Experience

Several years ago I went into a sublime experience of what I term a “baptism in love.” This title, I hope, will not give the reader the impression that I am expounding upon the unusual doctrinal teaching. My purpose is merely to narrate accurately, truthfully and sincerely my personal experience. I trust that my testimony will show that God, in the exercise of His Sovereign Power and great Grace, does reveal Himself to certain individuals in various ways, not with a purpose of launching a new doctrine, but for the purpose of spiritual development of that individual. After all, the ways of God are not the ways of men.

And now, my experience of a Baptism in Love:

I was alone, sleeping in my room after I had finished my usual devotions. All of a sudden, at about two o’clock in the morning, I heard and felt beautiful music surging within me like a symphonic orchestra at the highest crescendo. The music within me was joined by a host of angelic beings around me. There was perfect harmony between the song within me and that of the angels around me. The harmony of the music, which was accompanied by instruments, was not only beautiful to the highest degree, but also absolutely perfect and completely fulfilling my deepest spiritual and emotional longings. I felt transported by that music into the heavenlies. The chorus sung was, “Tell it to Jesus – He is a Friend That is Well Known.”

It was as if someone was turning the volume higher and higher. At the highest crescendo, I felt drowned in the ocean of that angelic music. At that point of sweeping ecstasy, I saw the most beautiful hand of Jesus, but I did not see His body. The hand moved gracefully towards my forehead. After His touch, I got out of bed and burst into tongues – utterances of praise in speech and song which were in perfect harmony with the angelic singing. My hands were stretched up from about two o’clock to about six o’clock in the morning. My hands and feet never got tired. Then I sobbed with joy, peace and happiness. It was at this point that I was baptized with love. From that moment on I knew that I had gone through a new experience with God.

God’s Love is Freedom

When I opened the door at about six o’clock in the morning, I loved everything my eyes fell on. I loved the peoples of various races; they appeared to me like God’s bouquet of flowers. I loved the sky, the clouds, the trees, the grass, the buildings, the cars and the animals. All my suspicions, judgmental attitudes and fears were gone. I was so full of peace, which Paul describes as one that “passeth all human understanding,” that for the first time in my life I felt completely free. Perhaps it is that experience that gave me a new definition of love, namely “God’s Love Is Freedom.”

After that glorious and supernatural experience, my life and ministry have never been the same. God gave me the capacity to understand and to love people unconditionally and to forgive unconditionally. It is that love that enables me to forgive untoward situations in advance.

Because of this experience I love all people, I think people, I dream people all the time. In my travels throughout the world, people have testified about this love of God in me. I get through to most people without much effort because God made all people to respond to love.

Even when people may not understand your language and culture they do know when you love them. From the Bible I can see why I cannot hate. It is because hatred is of the devil’s nature and love is of God’s nature. I may get angry over certain situations, but that anger is short-lived. There is a big difference between hate and anger. Hate is the sin of the spirit, whereas anger is purely emotional.

Love is the greatest need of the world. Because love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend, it is a constructive power that should be promoted in the home, school, church, governments and international relations, more than any other power.

Elijah Maswanganyi
From The Power of Love and Reconciliation
Source: The ElijahList


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