an army of volunteers

The last verse on my head last night was, “In the day of thy battle, your youth shall volunteer freely, Psalm 110:3.” Yesterday, my cousin told me about a common friend we have who preached in the MRT. I thought to myself, “Wow, that guy is just burning with the desire to preach the Gospel wherever, whenever. He’s definitely called to be an apostolic preacher.” The other thoughts came like, it would be nice if we could worship in the MRT first so that by the time he stands up to preach, there would be a thick presence of the Holy Spirit, one that convicts the heart unto repentance and pierces man’s heart.” We were laughing at the thought of worshipping in the MRT train car. But really, it would be cool.

Then this morning, it just dawned on me. Some of us, God’s volunteers are doing our thing in isolation. What if God wants to bring together the apostolic intercessors to work with the prophetic worshippers and apostolic preachers? I mean, it’s such a SIMPLE LOGICAL assumption and it seems pretty obvious that it’s God’s will right? But how come it took hours for it to finally settle down in my mind. I was already thinking it but it didn’t become clear as a mandate and promise until I woke up this morning and felt the Holy Spirit speak to me.

What is keeping us from moving in power? I think here is one reason. (Just one of course and may not always be true for some of us.): lack of unity and isolation.

Where are those who have been worshiping God in hiddeness with their blue guitars, singing prophetic songs that give birth to lost souls in apostolic groaning and travail? Where are those who are about to turn blue trying to hold back the fiery message of repentance and love that suffered, died and rose from the grave? My concern is that some of us are getting more wrecked and wrecked everyday over the growing burden for the lost. Let us not keep our passions to ourselves. Let’s link up. Ask God for your divine appointments and divinely appointed teammates for this wonderful task of bringing the Good News to the ends of the earth.

Prevailing prayer. Prophetic worship. Apostolic Preaching. Miracles and Healing. All these have a part. You can be mighty in all these or God may have one of these poured out upon your life in astoundingly huge proportion. But it’s all to bring him glory and make his Son known. I am envisioning a team that would move in this. An army like Joel’s that will not break ranks, men and women who were not coerced into the task but who are jumping up and down right now saying, “Me, me, pick me God! I want to volunteer!” Just like the Nazirites in Numbers 6.

Psalm 110:3 – In the day of thy battle, your youth shall volunteer freely…

1 Chronicles 12:32 – men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do…


5 thoughts on “an army of volunteers

    1. I was actually thinking more like those who are physically here who can go out on the streets with us. Hehe. But sure why not inter-island connection? We’ll see how God would use that. The blog entry previous to this is actually about linking up with friends across the nation. 🙂


    1. Funny how both of you do not live here in Manila. The same reply I gave atzi yen applies to you. Hehe. Let’s see how God would want to use us… 🙂


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