nanny moments

fire already gone, i left them (way too long) in the caldron to cook some more. sheesh...

If I were also doing “365 Days of Love” like many of my twitter friends, this would be: Spent the day (Wednesday) with my sister to help her take care of baby Jethro, my 1-month-old nephew. I didn’t really help that much though! I just assisted her in bathing him. Carried the lil toddler while ate soaped and rinsed him. (Omy does he cry bucketfuls when he gets wet!) Took care of him while ate took short breaks to eat or pee. Hehe. Then I cooked pasta with overdone noodles. In fairness, these were the best overcooked noodles I’ve tasted ever. 😉

I left in a hurry at 3:45pm for a meeting. I’m a bit sad I was not able to finish washing the dishes and stay long enough to give ate time to take a bath. (Oops, spilled it.)


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