tuesday’s shortlist

I am grateful for last Tuesday’s surprises. The…

~opportunity to pray for my friend’s mom
~the chance to get to know a new friend better (he seemed to be interested in the Bible btw, the privilege to surprise someone
~the unexpected anointing and grace during our (and my most unprepared) bible study
~and the joy in treating a friend to a heartwarming dinner.

Birthday Lunch

Went to my friend Curt’s birthday lunch at his house. Was my first time to see his house. 🙂 Would you believe? i forgot to take photos of the food? but here’s the cake, the sossy doggie and the skype screen shot. 🙂

toy cars cake motif
curt's sossy doggie eh?

yahoo video chat w/ our friend liz who's in s'porelah

I also prayed for his mom before leaving. God heal her!

(I was supposed to meet another friend after this but she suddenly had a meeting. And I realized too that there’s not much time left.)

Surprise Cakes!

Proceeded to our mini surprise for Ma’am Ayn, head of the Christian org I’m working with in a high school quite far off from Curt’s house. Praise God my Dad picked me up and drove me there! Whew!

Then bible study with the sophomores… with full stomachs. It was our first time to hold the meeting inside the cafeteria. It was my least prepared moment and yet it felt so Spirit-led.

Dinner at Pepper Steak

Then zooom zooom flyaway to Rob Galeria for dinner date with younger sister Ivane. It was her first time to have sizzling beef pepper steak! We both loved it!

And so we talked about God’s hidden plans, foretastes of what is to come, faith for the impossible, realizations about God’s will, encouragement from people’s testimonies…

The last part of my day (commute after dinner) was the most tiring. No I didn’t go home. I spent the night at my sister’s place. What is supposed to me 45mins nearer than my house turned out to be harder to go home to though. Not to mention, a bit more expensive because of the scarcity of jeepneys.

But overall, I’m thankful. Really thankful… I didn’t run out of cash. 😉


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