old photographs

i found this photo of me with my five other female cousins. (cropped them out so i get to be the star in this pix. haha.) i remember that one or two of my front teeth were missing during time of photo shoot, thus the tightly sealed lips.

moments ago i was also reminded of a photo i had in college where i was wearing loose jeans – straight cut, loose giordano shirt, and bulky bulldog-type shoes. i looked gay. 😛 and if many go through the awkward stage during their adolescent years, i think i went through it for the most of my teenage years. awwww. i wonder where that old photo is.

the thought of sharing it to some of my newfound friends crossed my mind. would i be ashamed to share such an awkward looking picture of myself? but honestly, i don’t think i will be ashamed. there was a part of my life when i had been so ashamed of many things about myself. but now i know that God loved me during that stage of my life with the same love that He has for me right now. if God was never ashamed of me then, then neither should i be ashamed of myself right?

there is so much acceptance in Jesus that i think, no matter how eeky-looking some of our old photos are (or some of our actual past lives are), it never really crossed God’s mind that we are eeky. His heart just steadily burned with a passion for us the way we are right at that moment. He loves us now, He loves us forever, He loved us then, even while we were yet sinners. (Romans 5:8)

Dear God,

Thank you for creating me. I thank you for the rough and smooth edges alike. May this little vessel give glory to Your name.



5 thoughts on “old photographs

      1. i remember finding it and wanting to hide it. lol. i really hope i find it! it’s actually the same photo we used for our advertising print ad project! hahahaha! so i’m sure may copy din nun si ma’am. but edited nga lang. absent kc ako sa photoshoot so i had a separate photo tas ni-photoshop nila para kumpleto ang “group picture.” i didn’t look that bad, eeky outfit lang.


    1. and maybe since the question was brought up, will clarify na rin that my self image in college was not ‘geeky.’ i’m not exactly sure how others saw me, (maybe i looked geeky to them? or maybe most of us in school look geeky. hahaha.) but i didn’t see myself that way.


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