Love is First

Live From Dublin: Songs, Stories and a Train

Jason Upton, one of my favorite worship leaders and songwriters has a new album, “Live From Dublin: Songs, Stories and a Train.” Check it out at his web store. Mp3 clips are also available for listening. 🙂

God has been reminding me about his music lately. First, a dream about him the other night, then a song he wrote suddenly played in my head during my prayer time this morning, then just now an email about this new album, and on this same day a post on my friend’s blog (one of the few I follow) of one of his songs… I believe it’s no coincidence..

My first few steps into the journey of learning how to worship, how to intercede as an overflow of worship,  how to yearn for more, and how to sacrifice, had been fueled by this worshiper’s music and broken heart before the presence of God. I sense the Lord gently leading me again to look back, remember the days of old when worship was raw as raw can be, when nobody listened except God, when nobody waited on what next song you’re gonna sing, when I knew nothing except that One Desire to feel His breathe on my face.

Where the narrow road is not intimidating but enticing. Just like this song which says, “Return to me…”


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