love and work

9:00 am Breakfast at McDo Panay Ave.

9:30 am Hello Ma’am, my freelance work ‘boss’ < she accompanied me to the interviewee’s office

10:00 am Interview with a company CEO/owner

Super cool 65-year-old guy. Super low profile. Super talkative. Gave us lectures on plumbing! Crazy! He even volunteered to write an article to make it easier for me to finish my feature article on his company’s project. Whatdaaa? You wanna do my job for me Sir? LOL. Of course I didn’t say that out loud. I’ll have to combine his article with mine nalang daw. I’m still dazed. @_@

12:00 pm Lunch at KFC Trinoma > Coffee at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf c/o my ‘boss‘ < super love! sarap ng libre!

I have a CBTL coupon for free cookie. the choco chip cookie turned out yummy. Yipee! < libre ulet!

As I logged on to Twitter, based on jiggy’s tweet, I realized that the book sale I was raving about last night is at House of Praise Panay Ave. < Whatda? I was in that area just an hour ago! I mean, I expected it to be there but I sorta forgot!

4:00 pm Still chatting with racket accomplice… We’ve talked about a wide range of topics – business, Internet trends, SEO, blogging, niche blogging for profit, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, career, how God led us by His SUPER SOVEREIGN grace and hand to our present professions!

I was praying last night and this morning, that God would give me joy for this day. It’s my first time to get back into non-ministry related writing stints. I was fighting off the temptation to entertain negative thoughts and emotions. I prayed! Give me joy Lord. Give me love for what I do! Kaboom. Answered right away.

It turned out this day would be jolly, like jollibee or jolli-jeep or whatever. JOLLY. 😀 I mean, I’m lost in God’s sweet treats for the day. Divine appointments with little things that make me smile.

Pure GRACE and LOVE. This is Christianity I believe. Gratefulness each moment. 🙂

Should be off now to get my hair trimmed…


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