Ruined for A Cause


Give me one pure and holy passion, one magnificent obsession, to know and follow hard after you. — One Pure and Holy Passion by Passion

It all starts with an encounter. Then a prayer. The next thing you know, you have been marked for life. No matter how far you run, a voice comes searching for you, until you stop dead in your tracks and realize there is only one kind of life you were created for. Anything less that THAT kind of life is not worth living. You know deep in you spirit that you were predestined for a life marked with the dunamis power of God. A life wholly surrendered to the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A life beyond your wildest imagination and dreams. You have been marked for this! Before you even chose God, He chose you and planted a well deep in your spirit, a space that only He can fill, and a container that is meant to overflow with love, from this love, nations await to drink from. You were born for a life bigger than yourself. Read more.


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