Do not Stagger. Just Intercede.

I had a dream this morning. In the dream, I wanted to sing Jason Upton’s “Come Into the Light” and for some reason I had to write down the lyrics, the first part at least. And so I was trying to write:

la-la-la-la-la-la-light has come…

But I could not finish writing the part with the “la-la-la” because I keep getting confused how many “la’s” I’ve already written. It was getting frustrating and I just wanted to proceed to singing the song. After several attempts, I don’t know if I succeeded, but it seemed like I did, I just heard the song playing and it just brought the atmosphere of intercession.

La-la-la-la-la-la-light has come! La-la-la-la-light of the world, Light of the world! Come into the Light!

The heart of the song is actually intercession. It sings to people in darkness and calls them forth into the light. Reflecting now on the dream, I just sense God calling me to press on in intercession. The difficulty writing the la’s, I think (but I’m not sure), is a warning to not get religious and obsessed about details to the point of getting stuck preparing to intercede rather than just getting right into it as the Spirit leads.

God I pray, strip me of distractions and mis-diverted passion. Sharpen my spiritual ears, propel me into the vehicle of your move. Do not allow me to stagger, but give me a single eye and a single heart – rid of baggage, full of purity in purpose, integrity and love.


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