Poll: An Addict’s Dilema

I opened my blogger.com account and I was wide-eyed when I discovered that they already have a new “Design Template” feature that is so much more convenient to explore and use. The designs are also superb and the downloading time faster than usual (or at least faster since I last explored my old blog account). I was super excited about the templates that I was literally struggling which of my favorites to pick. I almost want to use a handful interchangeably. Duh! I know I should have just taken web design in college…?!

Anyhow, I still love wordpress.com but I’m honestly thinking of switching back to my old blogger site >> http://doubtproof.blogspot.com, which I left simply because of difficulties with lay-out editing and designing. Please help me think this through. LOL. And hopefully, you won’t think any less of me just because I’m having this struggle. Cheers!


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