Love Encounter Sustains The Call for National Transformation

Re-posted from on September 13, 2010

It all starts with a ‘burning bush’ encounter that leads to a willingness to die for a Cause. “Never before has a generation been presented with a privilege to change nations!” I couldn’t agree more. And the Call has definitely not faded in the distance but is blasting behind our ears louder than ever before. Can you hear it? I challenge you to listen to this exhortation.:

Love Encounter Sustains The Call for National Transformation (courtesy of Maranatha Christian Fellowship Cebu): download mp3 here

It is for those who have been desiring revival but whose hope have somehow dwindled or been snuffed out, for those who are desperate to see change but are stuck with the question ‘what does it take to cause transformation?’…

It is also for those whose flame of love for God is ever burning, for those whose passion to see God’s Kingdom to come and will to be done here in the Philippines and the nations is still yearning, relentless…


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