to write or not to write sometimes i wish i could write all the exciting things that has been happening. even the small ones that seem insignificant but when you bring together turn out to be all connected and bring assurance of God’s faithfulness and intricate design in our lives. but the Apostle Paul also warned us to be wise, to make most of our time, and thus i’ve recently concluded that i can’t really blog about most of the stuff happening. but as the Holy Spirit would lead me, I should write, and share only those that He wants me to share, things that are probably the ones that would bless others the most.

having said this, i would like to encourage my readers (as if i have a lot. lol), if it’s not too much to ask, to please leave a comment or any kind of sign if you’re blessed by a particular entry. (any kind of sign – sounds really weird) i’m planning on keeping my blog entries to the minimum but hopefully i won’t miss blogging the ones that should really be shared! so do let me know which ones i should blog more on. =) thanks and jah bless to all!!

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