Break-through Fast

JREV Nights
September 7 to 27: Fasting for Acceleration and Breakthrough
We believe that we are in a season of acceleration and favor where more will be accomplished in a shorter period of time if we will let the Holy Spirit have full access to our lives this season. Thus, on September 6, 2010, at the Jesus Revolution Night at Victory Center Ortigas, a 21-day ‘Breakthrough Fast‘ was launched to span through September 7 to 27, 2010. We are exhorted to fast for breakthroughs in these three areas: Personal, Church, and Nation.

Let us take this time bring to the Lord a particular issue in our personal life, a particular burden for our local churches, as well as a specific prayer for our nation. Let us believe for breakthroughs never before experienced. Let us seize this season of favor and acceleration, bringing down God’s presence in greater intensity to our families, churches and our nation.

On with the revolution!


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