1 book @ a time!

God has been speaking so many things to me lately. There are mindsets I have to change thus the need to study certain topics in His Word. For one, I need to meditate on Jesus’ humility as shown in Scriptures in order to cultivate humility in my life. Without a strong foundation in the Word, we will always be struggling. I need to go deeper and founded!

So in line with this I found God leading me to certain books and the list is getting longer! *Panic* Hahaha. But who cares, I can do all things through Christ! And surely this is going to result in awesome encounters with my beloved Jesus. I praise God though (that after starting so many books and not finishing most of them until I lost those books already, although some of them are still here…) I broke through and finished We Cannot But Tell a few days ago! I rejoice over this accomplishment with great humility because it happens to be an awfully thin book by Ross Tooley. I also skipped one short chapter at the back because I was compelled to start reading The Blueprint by Jaeson Ma. Ross Tooley’s book will always serve as a guide though that I will be referring to every now and then for principles in personal evangelism.

Before I bought The Blueprint, I got myself a copy of Do Hard Things. And just today, I found our old copy of The Passion of Jesus Christ by John Piper – something I sense God is leading me to meditate on this season.

I also found other books (cause my mom just unpacked some books from our house-transfer boxes) which got me excited by yes yes, let’s keep the main thing (God’s leading) the main thing. This Heart Preparation for Revival 40-day Devotional though seem to be something I can use during this season of extended fasting.

There there. I’m excited where places untraveled these books will take me! Let’s declare the I-will-finish-this-book anointing in Jesus name. All grace!


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