a cookie cutter’s search for life’s purpose

Once upon a time there lived a cookie cutter named Ginger. Ginger lived in a big mansion with a big kitchen and a big oven. When Ginger was still new to the house, little Joshua, the mansion’s baker’s son, whom the baker would often take with him to the kitchen, would play with young cute little Ginger. He would make Ginger the wide-eyed little girl in his stories and he would take her to the garden where they would run together. Little Joshua would take her to the pool where they would swim. Or to the tree top where they would watch the birds, insects and the dogs. So little Ginger thought she was a little girl but though she enjoyed Joshua’s company, the garden, the pool and the treetop, somehow she still felt a deep longing for something more.
Joshua had a baby sister named Tanya and one day Joshua lent little Ginger to baby Tanya to play with as she bathes in the bathtub. Tanya thought that Ginger was a bubble maker, and so she made lots of Ginger-shaped bubbles while in the bathtub. Ginger was amazed at how the bubble were shaped like her! She giggled and laughed as baby Tanya played with her in the bathtub. But somehow she felt her laughter was still empty and would not last very long.
Paper Eskimo - Baby Shower Bubbles Of Joy Invite - Box of 12

Then Sunday ended and Joshua had to go to school and brought little Ginger with him. In school, Joshua’s teacher taught the kids how to paint. Ginger found herself giving form to the colors that splashed on Joshua’s white canvass. “It felt good to create a little Ginger-shaped form on paper!” Ginger thought. She saw the colors and the shapes painted on paper using her frame and she was amazed. But she felt something was still missing in her little Ginger life.

Joshua and Ginger finally made it home. As Joshua slept peacefully, Ginger lay awake in Joshua’s bag. She stared at the lamp in Joshua’s room and wondered why something inside here is rumbling and yearning for something she could not define. Soon came sunrise.

Joshua hurriedly left for school that day. Outside, the Baker was looking for little Ginger because he was going to bake cookies. He had turned the kitchen up-side-down but still no sign of little Ginger. Then he remembered seeing his son play with her. So he looks for her in the garden, in the pool and in the treetop but she was not there.

As he was walking back to the kitchen, light coming from the bushes caught his eye. He went closer to find a shiny metal that was reflecting the sun’s rays. He grabs the little piece of shaped steel and to his delight, it was Ginger! Little Ginger had fallen off Joshua’s bag that day as he scurried to school and she lay under the garden shrubs until the Baker found her.

The Baker washed her and placed her on the table. As she watched the Baker mix the cookie batter, all of a sudden, something in her heart leaped. It was her first time to see someone mix butter, sugar and eggs! She did not understand what was going on inside the mixing bowl, but she she knew it was something connected to who she is. It was something her Maker knew about and thought about while He was forming her into the shape she already was now.Then the Baker spread the dough on the table. Oh how little Ginger felt like she wanted to jump right where the dough was spread like a sheet of sumptuous pastry. Her face right then was beaming. How lovely it is to live in the kitchen!

Finally, the Baker takes Ginger and started cutting gingerbread cookies from the dough. One cute little form at a time until the whole sheet was filled with Ginger duplicates! Then the Baker carefully placed Ginger beside the sheet to let her see how the sheet of dough looked like. Tears started to trickle down little Ginger’s eyes because something inside has come alive.But it was not yet over, the Baker took each piece of unbaked cookie, placed them on a tray and then into the oven. What was gonna happen next? Ginger waited.

Minutes later, the cookies came out golden and then were cooled to be glittered with icing. And a few moments more, they were have been turned into dazzling gorgeous gingerbread cookies, ready to be served!The Baker took Ginger and told her she did a great first job. He cleaned her up and put her back safely in the shelf. But before the Baker could close the shelf doors, he looked inside and grabbed Ginger again. He placed her on the tray of cookies as a decorative accent. Ginger had a huge smile on her face. For the first time in the big mansion, she knew where she belonged.

Have you discovered your purpose in life? If not, it is time for you to run to Your Maker and His Words — the Bible — for the answer to this age-old question, “What on earth am I here for?”
There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her. Luke 10:42

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