lunch meeting

written September 3, 2010. re-posted on Army of the Dawn

I am meeting Jev today at 11AM. I could not help but remember how long I have waited for this day. Seven years ago, as a half-clueless teenager, I asked God for a word for my university. I wasn’t so sure God had nice plan for my college campus but I just was not sure what it was and when it will happen.  One thing I know though was that if I desired it, God would give me word, and that God would share to me His heart for my school.

I didn’t want just another ministry. I wanted the fire of God, Holy Spirit visitations, radical encounters. I wanted something that when it came, everyone will know the God is god as He displays who He is and crowds get drawn to an undeniable manifestation of His loving presence.

God did give me a word years ago but nothing in the physical materialized. I kept praying and asking God what He wanted me to do. Even after college, though there was practically every reason to just let go and give up the vision, God had me hold on. Until this faithful day.

Somehow it now pleased God to tell me that it is TIME. For years I, together with some young people have prayed and waited, even gotten frustrated at the absence the radical things we were hoping for. But see after seven years, He now hands us a blueprint that has long been burning in his heart. Why just now, there could be a dozen reasons. But I am just happy that I could finally begin to taste the fruits of heaven opening upon us and just reviving that hope deferred for so long.

Jev is also an alumni of my university. She asked me days ago if I have a ministry in Ateneo. I said, “I have been wanting to but unfortunately, no I do not. Would you like to start one with me?” I just typed that on twitter in a matter of a few seconds. I didn’t even think twice, I just knew this was something that’s not a coincidence but a “finally” that God is beginning to put on to my lap. She said she was so moved and set on fire by the vision of a book titled Blueprint and that she felt she had to do something for Ateneo. I said, let’s do it. We set this day to meet.

I woke up 5:05 AM this morning and thoughts were rushing through my mind. God had been speaking again even while I’m still asleep! I knew He said something like, this vision is not just for two but for many… It is a generation that he is calling to this. He is stirring up young people and they are beginning to get hungry for God. The time is ripe. You will find them with the same heart and you will see my move in an unprecedented way.

I got up 5:06 AM fully awake. I thought maybe I’d write a blog expressing my thankfulness for this day but instead I knelt down, face against my pillow and began to weep. I got blown away by the first two sentences I read yesterday from the foreword of Blueprint. I could hardly go on but later I finally managed to read a paragraph (not getting blown away). This morning I just know that something broke yesterday right there while I was on the jeepney. The same anointing that fell had stayed with me and I could still feel it until now. The first two lines by Lou Engle were:

“As I write this foreword, tears run down my face. I am praying and believing for such a revival to sweep our nation that homosexuals by the thousands could be transformed.”

After reading the first sentence, I just remembered all of a sudden, the tears I have shed asking God for revival. After I read the second line, my heart just wants to explode because I felt the very thing that God placed inside me was finally coming to life with the hope these words gave. To think that the same reason why we have been praying was the reason too that this book was written, It was was as if the Holy Spirit was saying, “This is you ticket to the dream. And it’s real. And it’s in your hands now (literally not figuratively)” And then I just had this sense in my imagination of things coming to pass even as the Holy Spirit had really chosen this time and season to break out in our campus. I just knew it so.

I believe it was not a coincidence that I prayed just last night (via chat) with my prayer partner in the prayer group we used to have in Ateneo. Years ago, God has instructed us to pray and we did just that. We sowed seeds there and we knew God was going to do something really big. Last night, we just had a chance to bless each other by prophesying to one another. It was as if she was releasing me to receive the fruits of our labor during those days of hiddenness in prayer. It was as if the Holy Spirit was saying, “Here we finally go… from that season into this… I am transitioning you.”

All glory to God.


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