closer than a ‘kuya’?

My Dad (Roger) turned 60 years old last June 28. He is the eldest of six children, three boys and three girls. These ‘children,’ of course, are no longer children now. The youngest of them is almost 50 years old. Four of them already have families (spouses and children). All five of them calls him “kuya,” a Filipino term used to show respect and affection for their older brother.

“Kuya Roger” would often receive sms messages from his siblings even though most of them are already married. “Often” means at least once a week, but usually more than that. They would usually ask for help with stuff. By ‘stuff’ I mean, from the most sensitive problems like relationship with spouse, financial concerns, career issues, etc. — to simple things like when they need a ride because of color coding. They would also share their joys and victories of course, especially since he was there for each one of them through tough times… yes, for each one of them, even when amongst themselves (the siblings) there are at times conflicts and rifts. During those times, “kuya” remained their ally who always chose to love them by not taking sides.

I am so proud of my Dad for being such an awesome kuya. (I hope my future husband will be someone like him in that sense. 😛 << unnecessary deviation) My point, though, is that this morning, as I was reading through Proverbs, this verse would not let me go.:

…but a real friend sticks closer than a brother. Prov. 18:24b

I’d bet my apple macbook that all of us would want such a friend! But that was not why the verse struck me. I realized that ‘being a true friend’ is something in my life that still needs a lot of working on. I admit that years before I have been not far from being a selfish ‘friend’ if you could still call that a friend. Last year and especially the previous months, God has been checking my heart on this. How have I been a true friend to my friends? I am afraid I still have not much to show for in this area. But I’m trying. I am hoping though that I could live up to this standard that the Scriptures present to us. True friends stick closER (note the positive comparative form) than a brother.

If my Dad has been a brother to his siblings who happen to be lolo’s and lola’s already, I wonder how much closer a true friend could stand by you.


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