weapons of mass destruction

tonight i had another dream. i was browsing through the internet and there were interesting sites i was sharing links and they were really good stuff.
the i woke up. it was 2 o’clock in the morning and quickly i was reminded of a dream i had last year where i was searching online for a location. i found some sort of mysterious site with a map indicating some kind of secret military installation or plant. the map says its somewhere in this location (in the Philippines) but we couldn’t pinpoint it in the real map of the Philippines that we know. The map doesn’t match the present geographic match that we know. we couldn’t find online the map or info that would reveal the exact location.

Claim Map of the Big Bug Mining District

now that i recall it, all of a sudden just waking up this midnight, it seems that the holy spirit is saying that there is a hidden military installation, a secret utility where the secret spiritual “weapons of mass destruction” are. i remember north korean nuke testings and how that issue do not exist yet when i dreamed this dream! as i was lying on my bed this morning, my eyes literally were stretched wide open. i was staring wide-eyed in the dark. so i got up and started writing. in the dream the secret location cannot be found on just any map we could google. the info might be classified, of course. it has to be sought in the spirit. because it is a spiritual map and not a physical one. i remember desperately trying to look for it but the info could not be found online. there was a clue though but the info would not translate into a physical location. i think what it’s saying is that there is a dis-connection between the things we see in the physical and the actual (or spiritual) things that are happening. we have to learn to see in the spirit rather than in the physical. we need to DECODE the data and translate it into something that reveals God’s will. or it could be something that is still in heaven that needs to be prayed into fulfillment. God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven!


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