water into wine

Most of us perceive miracle as something that happens in an instant! Like a man without limbs suddenly growing arms and legs. Or a dead girl raised back to life. Or perhaps, untraceable money deposited into our bank account right on time for an great financial need. It can also be instant deliverance from addiction to drugs. Or sudden release from a spirit of depression. These are miracles indeed. And we long to see more of them in our lives.

There was once a young teenage girl who loved to dream. She did not imagine living in a castle on clouds but she dared to consider the possibility of being lucky enough to one day enter into a place where her wildest and most extravagant awesome dream-come-true would be as real as fingers could touch. But she lived under gloomy clouds of self-rejection and self-doubt. These were the great hindrances to her ambition. What could possibly take her from that state of bondage into a place where dreams come true? At that time she did not have an idea but she hoped that such a bondage breaker and dream giver does exist.

One of the most poignant things in her heart is her dream of a prince without a palace. He lives in an endless field of gardens and meadows where he would soon take her. Her home, school and lack of friends seem far from it. She knew that she was still young and so accepted the unbearable task of waiting for that time to come. She cherished it, held on to it, imagined it, even predicted it… Weeks turned into months, and months, years. Deadlines lapsed but the prince did not arrive. But something happened along the way, a seed was sown and she did not know that the seed was to give birth to a tree whose fruit is what we call a miracle. Due to time constraints, forgive me but I can only give a summary. Here is an abstract of her story.:

to be continued…


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