two veils

Here we go, again, were words at the back of my mind. The sponsors have walked the aisle. They then turned around together with the rest of the guests, to look towards back of the room, in this case, towards at a white flimsy curtain, still unparted, waiting for the bride to appear.

The bride takes her time. The audience is kept in anticipation. In a few seconds time, a joyful tension builds up. Curiosity. Excitement. Expectation. Hope. Imagination. Exhilaration…

It is not just the Bridegroom who is on his toes! The rest of the ‘world’ was, at least for this room of wedding guests, the world is suddenly at pause.

No one in the room wants to miss the moment. All eyes are fixed on that spot at the center of the curtain right at the edge of the aisle. We want to see the bride, are the unspoken words of each presence. Nobody stayed face forward looking at the altar. If someone has, it would look absolutely foolish.

In every wedding I attended, this is definitely one moment that everyone refuses to miss. The Bride’s time to finally walk that aisle. We love this moment. Have we ever wondered why?

She will definitely be a sight to behold. A sight, nobody would want to miss. The veil she wears separates the moment of vision from those moments of anticipation. It is a joy to lift the veil, to finally reach the end of waiting, to see the glory of the fulfillment of a story foretold.

It has been her utmost desire to be one who would bring pleasure to the man who chose and loved her. But before such a thing could even be possible, another veil had to be lifted. It was the veil that covered her Lover’s face, the face that was her only hope of ever becoming a Bride with a beauty that stuns the universe. The first veil, was torn at the cost of her Lover’s body being torn to pieces as payment for her sins. It was torn through death so that she may have this life, even this glory.

I don’t know how she will look like. But as I gaze at her Lover, I know she will be like Him, His worthy Counterpart. The queen of Psalm 45. His beauty is perfect. Hers is the perfect reward for a King who ripped his heart just to be with her. She is a masterpiece of restoration. The ultimate proof of God’s power to shift an idolatrous heart into one that could finally love Him back with pure relentless undivided focus. And perhaps, her eyes are fiery like His.


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