losing count of blessings (re-titled)


Must I count the hours before my birthday? Is there going to be fireworks like on the first of January or the twelfth of July? I have no idea but a lifestyle of worship indeed requires a lifestyle of gratefulness so let me just count my blessings and answered prayers.

Witnessing Partner

A Month of Firsts
1st Nephew
1st Speaking Engagement
1st Time to Lead the Acceptance Prayer

A Month of Surprises
Unexpected Invite
Unexpected Gift
Unexpected Opportunity

Dreams Starting to Get Revived!

Witnessing Partner

I have prayed for this. Cried for it even. I said to God, I wish I could share the Gospel on the streets or wherever. There were times when I tried to do it on my own but I knew that it would be much of an encouragement to have even just one person to do it with. I remember years ago after the JREV Baguio Convergence when Caroline and I shared the Gospel to some kids in the market. I longed for those random conversations and ministry opportunities.

Well, last Thursday, Rhema was excited as ever to pray and be led by the Spirit as we looked for people to minister to at the mall. We did it two weeks before as well inside a school campus. Both times, we had divine appointments! First time was counseling appointments (a girl actually prayed for help and found that help by asking me something and some others had an informal counseling session with Rhema). Last Thursday, three kids at the mall accepted Jesus.

Prayer Evangelism: Rhema with the Teens!

Then it hit me! God had already answered my prayer! A prayer that has been in my heart since I graduated from my CDTS at YWAM in 2006. I mean guys, you don’t know how long I prayed and yearned for this…

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A Month of Firsts

This month can also be dubbed as the month of firsts with the following first-time experiences!

First Nephew

He was born last August 17, 2010. I have only one sister and after four years of waiting, God gave them a bouncing baby boy! Jethro!

Jethro at 1-week Old

First Speaking Engagement

I’m not sure the organizers knew that it was my first time to speak in a main session. I’ve shared before but only for a camp’s morning devotional. In case, my co-workers at the camp are reading this, hi po it was my first time to speak during our camp! Thanks gyud for the opportunity. Hehe. =P

Shared about spiritual "Heart Transplant" in a Christian youth camp

First Time to Lead in Acceptance Prayer

After my talk, I also had the opportunity to lead the kids to a prayer of acceptance and receive Jesus in their hearts… in case, some of them still have not made that decision. I’ve shared the Gospel before but I asked someone else to lead in that prayer.

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A Month of Surprises

There were also a number of surprise events this month!

First, being asked to speak in the camp had been a pleasant surprise.

Second, the love gift and buko pie from the same camp was also a surprise.

Third, the opportunity to meet a quite known pastor-preacher-evangelist whose ministry and preachings have deeply impacted my Christian walk and the way I do ministry now in the campuses also came as a surprise.  Just days before the event where he was speaking and ministering, the organizers invited me to come early so I can meet him. It was such a blessing and encouragement even though we didn’t really get to talk. Just said ‘hi.’ lol.

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Dreams Starting to Get Revived!

Then just hours ago, a fellow Ateneo Alumni mentioned to me at twitter how the book, The Blueprint by Jaeson Ma, has moved her heart to desire for a ministry in Ateneo! You guys, those who know me, you know I’ve also been desiring to have a ministry there for such a long time already. Like seven years ago, I had asked God for Ateneo. But I soon graduated only for that vision to be revived again by God some four years ago. Meech and I started praying but somehow God diverted my attention to other things. Then there were other encouraging events but nothing really took shape.

Well, I’ll tell you more about it soon but it seems this time, it’s finally TIME! Please pray for my date with Jev on Saturday (btw, she’s a girl ahki…). Blueprint is extraordinary and just Spirit-filled. I’ve been contemplating on Ptr. Jaeson’s other talks about campus ministry. (Can be downloaded here.) It might just be the answer to my prayer of HOW to do ministry in the campus. It sort of gives form to the very things that have been brewing in my spirit. So help us God! Holy Spirit come!

So yes, God indeed makes everything OUTRAGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL in that most blessed and anointed time He has chosen before the world began. And for many aspects of my life, that time seems to be now!

Thank you friends for sharing it with me. 🙂

On with the Revolution!

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