divine interruption pt 2: malling for the harvest

This Thursday past, we got to our bible study venue only to find out that the students cannot make it. And so for the second time around, we ventured into another exciting time of allowing the Holy Spirit to send us a divine appointment.

Well ya, it was like, hindi pwedeng walang mangyari, ang layo ng biniyahe natin Rhema Penaflor! Bwahahaha…

(When you live beyond the convenient number of kilometers for day-to-day travel, you tend to value your trips more because you spend more than the usual amount of time, strength and money just to get to your destination. I travel all the way from Marikina just to get to our bible study meetings. Rhema travels all the way from Bulacan. No, we don’t get paid for it. Neither do we receive allowance. It is a privilege to be trusted with the responsibility.)

We were at Jollibee Anonas. Where to Lord? Gateway we went.

Mall Evangelism

Rhema’s vision led us to the Cinema section. While waiting for further instructions from the Holy Spirit, we thought we’d take a stroll. And photos for documentation.

Two teenagers passed by while I was posing for this shot. Suddenly I felt embarrassed by what I’m doing. Rawr.

Well after we’ve had enough goofing around. Minutes later, we prayed again and sensed we should go to the elevator. After some time of waiting, we still were not sure who to approach. I noticed the same teenagers near us. My heart was starting to beat faster. I gestured to Rhema to take a look at the teenagers. She said she noticed them too earlier and had some kind of stirring in her spirit when she saw them. I told her I felt the same way! By now we were sure that they’re the ones the Holy Spirit wants us to befriend.

But we didn’t know what to say to them. I just didn’t have the peace to go spontaneous. I had the impression ‘healing.’ Rhema had the impression ‘deliverance.’ We took those words by faith and approached the kids… Go Jesus!

I told them we were just walking around and hoping to be of help to people through prayer and that I want to testify of how God had set me free from depression years ago. I asked them if there’s anything they want to be set free from or any prayer need. They all said yes to prayer, two of them opened up highly sensitive family issues!

We share the Gospel, verses from Romans about sin, death and eternal life and freedom through Christ. And that religion does not change lives, but a relationship with God does. Do they want to accept new life from Jesus through a prayer? Yes. All three of them.

We chatted a bit more. Invited them to youth meetings and to church. They were all working students. I exchanged cell nos. with one of them. Two of them looked really hungry for God. Please pray for our new family members. 🙂 God, hotly pursue them, in Jesus name. LOVE.

Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. (John 4:35)


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