jethro’s first blog

hello! i’m jethro caleb and i’m finally out! i was born around 1:37 am this august 17th 2010. i weigh 7.4 lbs and i’m 49 cm long! i’m one big baby boy!

this is my lolo, who noticed my sexy pouting lips right away…

and here’s my lola really concerned that i must be hungry that’s why i’m crying. don’t worry lola, i’m okay, i just think i need to poop!

this is a photo of me during my first pooping experience…

and this is one bonus photo for all of my fans out there…

that’s all for now! more photos later on fb ayt? i need to get some sleep first ‘coz i’m a growing baby boy. but first i’m gonna read a couple of chapters from the bible auntie jazz gave me 😉 goodnight! :*


4 thoughts on “jethro’s first blog

  1. Welcome to the world Jethro…God keep you always in the palm of his hand…Do great and mighty things for Jesus!!! make him proud!!! We love you!!!


  2. Welcome BABY MAC! napakalaki naman palang bata kaya ang tagal inantay eh – – You are really Special! God bless you and your family!


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