3 planned & 10 unexpected (all) COOL things that happened yesterday

Sunday fellowship @Gateway Mall – planned

Tears during the sermon – unexpected

Got 1040 Movie tickets from Enavi – planned

Super fun lunch with Enavi (long time since last had chance to fellowship with this gal.) – unplanned

Received two complimentary tickets! – unexpected

Ate tin & kuya harold gave me a ride to Megamall – unexpected

Picked up a book I’m borrowing from Ma’am Ayn at CCF (St. Francis Square) – planned

Ice scramble from Manila Scramble! 1st time.  Pleasantly surprised to find such a franchise. – unexpected

Ice Scramble

Checked out Made in Heaven display at St. Francis Bookstore – unplanned

Met with Yeye at Robinson’s Metro East to get her pledge for Acts Pisay Youth Camp. – unplanned ’til that morning

Bought new curtains with help from Ye and her niece Czien. – unexpected

Had nachos and ice scramble (again) with Ye and Czien. Time to catch up! – unexpected

box office line to ice scramble booth!

Last surprise for the day: I got a call from a friend extending a special invite to an exclusive fellowship with a special person. – definitely unexpected


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