divine interruptions = divine appointments

Thursdays. Are becoming more and more, exciting.

I was so sold out to the idea that revival will happen if only we would pray and really pray a lot, even day and night, for God to come — that is, even with the most untrained/inexperienced person (–>that’s me!) leading. And so if prayer and availability is all it takes, then let’s go do it.

I recruited people who are willing to pray. And I’m still trying to recruit more. I’m hoping to fill in the gaps that would solidify into a 24-7 prayer chain. Hmmm. Too ambitious? God willing it will happen. I was confident that with God – and more of God because of people constantly crying out for Him to come – something would just explode because we wanted it bad enough to pray it long enough and follow it through strong enough.

Today, to our disappointment, the bible study had to be canceled. The kids were just too busy with academics. But it also brought some excitement because when something unexpected happens, it’s usually ’cause God has something like a surprise.

Rhema came all the way from Bulacan and I came from Marikina just to get to the high school. A long way to go. To make good use of our time, we asked God to give us something worthwhile to do. Perhaps “outreach style” ministry. Thus we prayed, asked God for leading and started looking for kids we felt led to pray for. We also asked for a word.

Lord, sino kaya?
"Yun kaya o?"

God impressed the word from Matthew 7:9-11 – 9Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

and also about God providing for his children who are worth much more than sparrows (Luke 12).

Then we approached a group of kids and offered them prayer for their upcoming exams. We also shared to them the impressions/word we received for them.


Riz: Hi, are you guys sophomore students? …(mukha kc silang bata pa.)

Two  Students: Hindi po, Fourth Year po kami.

Riz (thinking): Oooops mali. (speaking) Ah… hehe. Mag-eexam na kayo diba?

Two  Students: Opo next week.

Riz: Ah… pwede ba namin kayo ipag-pray…

Two  Students: Sige po! Tawagin ko lang po yung iba.

Riz (thinking): Aba, maghakot daw ba??? Why not?

And here goes:

After praying, we chatted a bit about why we were there — for a canceled BS. We invited them to join our Thursday meetings. They were interested. We’d keep in touch. We chatted some more… Then one of the young ladies said: Ate, pwede ba kita makausap mamaya? May itatanong po ako. (Ate, can I speak with you later? I want to ask you something.)

She asked for counsel about something that’s bothering her heart. I shared with her how LOVE is defined in the Bible by the sacrifice Jesus made. (Thanks to listening to LOVE by JMA… ‘Love is selfless’ were words that I was surprised to hear spontaneously come out of my mouth. Sounds familiar…) She thanked me and shared how she had prayed earlier for God to provide a way for her to find peace of mind. God had answered her prayer speedily. God is sooooo good! DOn’t you just love God?!

Anyhow, we went back to the group where Rhema with her vibrant personality had perfectly kept them there. She also has her own story about her chat with one of the young ladies. We hung out a bit more, met a few more kids, and I gave out business cards. Really funny.

Please do pray for Mr. Referante, their principal, that God would move him to give us the liberty of doing our bible studies inside the school campus.

Do pray for these new friends. There’s so much more of them just waiting for the Good News. God send laborers to the field that is so ripe for harvest. God open doors. In Jesus name, Amen!

*Ms Broadcaster / Ms Bulacan, Fooling Around*

Do pray day and night okay? We expect revival to break out next week already okay??? Hahaha. Peace out*


3 thoughts on “divine interruptions = divine appointments

  1. that’s great! talking about ministering to students, I remember the opportunity God gave me last year, and looking back to that moment was a greatly amazing God who worked in the hearts of those students! I love what the Lord did in those hearts, as God is the one who hardened the heart of Pharaoh and He also is the God who made the stoned heart to a soft heart..God bless you more darling..mwah! Will continually pray for you..


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