Three Ethiopians in High School of the 25 students who had opted to stay after class for a bible study, raised his hand to ask a question. “Yes?” I motioned for him to speak. The tall lanky lad at the back gently asked, “Miss, how would you prove the existence of God?” A smile crosses my face but deep inside I wanted to laugh, out of joy and surprise combined. I love honest questions, especially ones like these that are lined with tension and resolution for a truth-clad response. But before I could say a word, two other hands swiftly wave at me from the other side of the room. I was hesitant to have them speak up but they were… too eager. “Yes?” I asked. The zesty student speaks up a rhetoric. Then another one wants to try. (I’m beginning to think that they think this is a debate?) I try to shift back to our topic so we can end our overextended discussion on Jesus’ first miracle in the book of John.

I told them those who have questions — like about proving God’s existence — may stay after I dismiss the class which happened to be half the original number. (The rest had gone home because the announcement that the bible study is pushing through that day had faltered.)

Three of them smart boys stayed, including Boy A who was asking for proof of God. Boy B was asking how does one make sure he has found the right belief or religion. Boy C was quietly listening and observing. Contrary to the usual attitude of kids when such questions are asked, these young lads were actually very respectful and eager to learn. They admit that they find it difficult to just accept what the world tells them about Christianity but that they are open to hear and know the truth. And that is why they’re attending Bible Study. At the back of my head, I was thinking, and that is why I am here.

Please pray for us as we continue to meet every Thursday at 3 pm. I advised these young men to read the Bible and couple it with a simple prayer, “God reveal yourself to me in your Word.” I am excited that these men might just be the very ones whom God is going to use to turn their campus up-side-down.


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