Never forget to count your blessings!

Joy takes a while when you are underneath a pile of ungratefulness. I had dragged strong legs through the paths of a richly blessed existence where smiles were heavy on the muscles, until grace shook my ground and the roof of my deception caved in. Down with ungratefulness. It really, only takes a moment to see that WE are blessed, especially when we have learned how to count…

Blessings for the day…

God’s Eyes Are on the Campuses!

Today’s meet up for prayer at Pisay High School (for the upcoming camp) was postponed. The bible study at another high school which I thought was postponed (again) pushed through instead. (To my surprise!)

The clincher for that afternoon was the five (out of 25) kids who were honestly seeking who God really is and whether He really exists. Sincere and truth-hungry kids that I felt were so special and might just be the key to bringing revival to their campus. Might. I had a chat with them after the meeting. They agreed with me to ask God to reveal Himself to them this week through the Bible. Are you excited too how God’s gonna show up? Pray with me.

For more on what happened during our bible study, please wait for my next blog.

God’s Eyes Are on the Muslims!

During our mini inter-church worship-intercession at the Boiler Room with JRev co-volunteers, the conversation was charged with excitement. God is fulfilling in more ways than one, prophetic words released to our nation. We also sense His eyes are on the Muslims. And one of the five ‘clincher’ kids the my bible study belongs to a Muslim family if not himself a Muslim.

God’s Eyes Are on the Lost!

After weeks of feeling frustrated with my worship-leading, I really thank God there was more breakthrough and release tonight. It was also encouraging how I dreamed weeks ago of a churchmate singing with us during our worship-intercession meetings. I thought it was funny how he was just suddenly there in my dream when he doesn’t attend our meetings. Guess what? He was there tonight. We prayed for our lost loved ones, prayed for ourselves to be used to preach the Good News, prayed for our nation, and for the Nazirite Trainings.
God’s Eyes Are those on whose hearts are set on One Thing!
At home there was a small box package sent my good, much-missed friend, Jazz. Inside the box were two things that made me wanna say I’m the most blessed person in the world.
A jason upton album
You have to understand, I’m the president of Jason Upton fan’s club, founded almost ten years ago but of course no where to be found… Coz there’s just two of us who’re members of the club, Jazz and me. 😉
…and there was an BAG! (I’ve been praying for one. Jazz, did you read my wish list or did you read my mind again?) Three things I love about the bag: it’s rugged, it’s thick padded strap, it says ‘one thing.’
So I really do LOVE how blessings keep pouring every week. How the sun’s always getting brighter. Although I still await the day when I won’t have to speak in order for people to get saved… 🙂 That would be the day… 😉

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