‘Til next Saturday movietime… going with the flow

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Last Saturday, ten high school girls watched a movie at my house, one of them my young neighbor who was the one who invited them. We had much fun that afternoon that they wanted to come back again this Saturday…

The other ‘classmates’ want to come too. Whoa! Actually, the boys wanted to join last week but my young neighbor didn’t let them. This week, all of them might come! That’s why I’m stocking up some popcorn ASAP.

I also learned last Saturday that our Math tutorial had paid off. The answers (which I had doubts on) were actually correct and my friend was the only one who got them right out of the two of them who passed the homework. Uh… ya, only two students did their homework ’cause the rest found it too difficult to answer. Now the classmates know me as her tutor.

I’ve been helping her with some difficult homework ever since. I remember how we ended up in this tutoring job. It was when I suddenly woke up early one morning and the Holy Spirit spoke to me to rush downstairs and start my biking exercise. In obedience to the persistent voice, I did so even if I felt hesitant to break my morning routine. Thus, our first tutorial (after finding her at their front porch and asking how she’s doing in school, the answer to which happened to be, “I’m having difficulty with Math.”)

So we’re asking God what our to screen this Saturday. We’re also praying about inviting them for Bible study after the movie. The Christian movie we watched last week I believe was a good seed because the story in itself is a preaching of the Gospel. We are certain His words will not come back void. I’ve also started praying for their principal. We know only God can pull this through. Our part would be to wait on Him and do as He says joyfully and with expectant hearts.

Thanks for all the prayers. 🙂 Do check previous blog entry for details on what happened last Saturday


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