to sisterhood

Tuesday and Wednesday last week, my family and I (the EVO Realty team) found ourselves caught in morning rush trips to Makati (form Marikina/1.5 hr drive) for whole-day seminars with DMCI. After the stress of morning and afternoon traffic and gulping chunks of product information for eight hours in between, we finally culminate our suffering with nose-bleed examination, which I passed with only six points to spare. Embarrassing! The following days were equally draining with Thursday deadline (working barely recovered from lack of sleep) and Friday rush again to Makati for the “sites inspection” that we ended up missing due to traffic (again)…

More stuff to do that day including lead a prayer meeting (after four days of waning prayer life)… not something I was proud of but one of those things you just have to do. Come evening seminar and then girl’s overnight at Vanni’s.

Slumber Party?

And so after much sistertalk that night, mostly Riza ranting… (thanks gals for listening.) I fainted by 2 am only to do more talking when I woke up.. Hahaha. I’m so guilty.

I am a bit embarrassed to admit that it took me a while to realize how divinely-appointed these new friendships were – after one year since first acquainted, and after two sleepovers, and on the second sleepover, after one and a half cups of coffee.

The morning after, I requested that we pray before we leave Vanni’s house. After four days of losing touch, I was spiritually disoriented. A short prayer might put me back on track.

Vanni was in school already but we prayed almost as if she were there… And walla! The ‘closing prayer’ had inadvertently turned into a prayer meeting with the irresistible move of the Holy Spirit that slowly but surely washed my confusion away. In less than 15 minutes, God had re-aligned my heart and rained down on my drought-stricken spirit. Then right there God sealed a comforting truth in me. He’s got me securely sheltered in the cup of in His hands. He has given me righteous women as covenant sisters. All of a sudden I see with spiritual eyes, wind beneath my wings.

When I thought I’ve lost so much, I realized I had so much to gain. Thank you girls for all the love love love… And I know I really talked a lot. Thanks for patiently listening. You don’t know how much of a blessing you are. *group hug*


3 thoughts on “to sisterhood

  1. Hey!!!!!!!!! grabe love you too naman! just got in the net. Will revise your business cards and email to you asap. I knew too that our friendship is divinely appointed. So amazing that we can be of one heart and mind despite na galing tayo sa iba’t ibang churches..Hay of course si hannah pang-international na ang busyness!hahha cge c u soon and pray with you gurls soonn!=)


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