Perfectly Imperfect

(Came across this poem while sorting my pile of mess. It’s roughly written but a rare topic in my posts so I thought I might as well publish it.)

You are perfect just the way you are

Though we fail every now and then

We never give up

We’re stricken clueless often

But we won’t stop asking questions

(‘Cause learning takes a lifetime)

We are embarrassed when our selfishness is exposed

It happens…

But we learn to say sorry

Watching you love, breaks my fears

Your brokenness heals me

We are imperfect lives trying to find a way to love


We change for the best

But we do not change to be loved

We know we already are

I think, we are perfectly imperfect

Just the way we are…

I feel like I am failing, falling

But on me, you  haven’t given up

I’m stricken clueless

I feel embarrassed and exposed

It happens…

I am learning to accept the fact we’re stuck

In a good way –

stuck together through imperfect times…

I watch you love

My imperfections

I am amazed to see so much

beauty in weakness – mine and yours

It is funny how perfectly imperfect

We have become


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