the license that led to new friendships

For those who you who has known me since elementary or high school, you know that I don’t talk that much. At least, didn’t used to. You know that I have a tendency to shy away from people and it takes a lot of effort on my part to make new friends. But what can I say, God is a miracle-working God.

Two miracles happened today. Well… maybe more than two but I am only aware of these two.:

First, I finally got my very first non-professional driver’s license! I applied for my first student’s license some six years ago. It’s a long story how it took me this long to finally get a “real” license. But let me just say that it has been a long-awaited “privilege” — after six years, three student’s permits, and two driving courses. I am GRATEFUL and EXHILARATED.

Second, I had the other privilege of chatting with five strangers, this morning, while applying/waiting for my license at the Land and Transportation Office. The first stranger was a middle-aged man who was accompanying his employer’s eighteen-year-old son. It took me while to finally have the courage to speak with him. I was seated right beside him but I found his eyes and facial expression a bit scary. And I didn’t know whether to ask him:

(1) “Manong, mag-e-exam din po kayo?” <— Errrr… he seems too old to be applying for the first time!

(2) “Kuya, for renewal license niyo?” <— This makes a lot of sense but what if HINDI??? Embarrassing?

(3) “Ahm, applying for professional?”

Believe it or not, I juggled these thoughts ’round and round my head for like five minutes! And he kept on looking at me so I got a bit scared. “Is that good? Is that bad? What is he thinking???”

Until I finally found the words, “Kuya, magre-renew?” Then he said, “Hindi, sinasamahan ko lang yung alaga ko.” It turned out that’s he’s pretty open to converse. I found out a bit about where he lives and we chatted a bit until I had to go for the next step in my application. (Too bad I wasn’t able to invite him to alpha course! Somebody stole my seat when I got back!)

Then there’s the college kid Gabs from whom I borrowed a pen. We talked about college entrance exams, UAAP, sports, injury therapy, why he’s taking up sports science as a Pre-Med (big bucks daw!), how he gets to have free UAAP passes because he’s barkada with UST basketball varsity players, how he got injured in basketball and how it affected his game, etc.

Then there’s Grace who applied for professional driver’s license. She gave me a handful of advise about driving. We talked about reckless jeepney drivers, road courtesy and how to keep you sanity once you start driving. I love her candidness. She had a classmate in college daw who’s last name is the same as mine. And that classmate is also smart. Woooow, how did she figure out that I’m smart given just such a short period of time? (okay okay… more humility here.)

Then there’s Kai who’s sweet and smart and outspoken but still refined. We had lunch together and talked about work and driving bloopers! She’s the one I spent the most time with. It’s amazing ’cause we got to LTO at around 7:30 a.m. (I came with a group of driving school students being assisted by a representative from our driving school. Kai’s one of us students.) But I only started talking to Kai around 11:30 a.m. I really thought she’s suplada. Maybe she was thinking the same thing about me. Hihihi. Turned out she’s nice and said “Nice getting to know you” before we parted ways around 1:30 p.m. Likewise Kai!

Lastly, there was the guy who assisted us and who kept teasing me to scare me about the driving exam. But all he heard from me was, “bring it on!” LOL. You’re trying to spook the wrong girl kuya!

About a month and a half ago, I applied for my student’s permit. God has been stirring my heart again for evangelism so when I went to get a student’s permit, I was trying to figure out how to start conversing with strangers. I so wanted to but just couldn’t find the courage to do it. I went home that day, a bit disappointed with myself.

But after weeks of just letting God love on me, soaking in worship, immersing myself in the word, feeding my spirit with anointed preaching, today… although there was a bit of effort at first, it was definitely different. Three friends in a day and two acquaintances. God does move from the inside-out.

I am also excited to start driving because then I can relieve my dad of stress (yeah right? i have to practice more to make this come true. lol.), drive my mom for our work (real estate selling), pick up my friends and bring them closer to God (hmmm… like to alpha course, bible study, of fellowship gimmicks), drive my students when they find it difficult to commute. yebaaah!


One thought on “the license that led to new friendships

  1. And I just thought that maybe some of you are wondering why I didn’t take the conversation to another level. I was actually asking God the whole time, but I guess this is just preparation. The real breakthrough for me that day was just finding the courage to open my mouth. Haha.


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