When My Heart Races

Are we aware that when our heart beat races,
it’s Jesus?

Do youhave a passion for food?
Or a passion for art?
Are you a dancer, whose freedom is in the wind?
What makes your heart race so fast
that it drives you mad?

I have a taste for words
and when new scents or old ones
come rushing into my nostrils
(whether physical or of another sense hard to describe)
out of nowhere
words would suddenly infiltrate my mind
and move around like characters
in a slow dance

I taste emotions like mental liquor
Truths and discoveries is like
sweet cold water refreshing my tongue
but words to describe them
would be the gift of taste
and the sense of touch
that make them finally real

like flame that warms my feet
and cold hands
words make the fiery things we know
captured more vivid it its form,
brought to life

but before they finally paint the paper
with reason and absurdity
a war must rage inside me
sounds clash
blood pumped
while life brewing underneath revelry
fights for its right to be understood
i love these wars
they make me come alive

and Jesus
is the the man who fashioned every cell
that drives me wild
at the sight of a ray of light
at the soft touch of a homesick melody
at the subtle odor of his perfume
at the sound of gentle wooing
at the touch that i know will lead to an embrace

He loves me
therefore he fashioned me

and every such moment that i have spoken of
he made possible
that i may cherish Him
and that he may delight in watching me
breathe, heart racing


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