These are days I would always cherish
Days when tears were wiped by an invisible God
My very first moments with Abba
as far as I’m concerned.
But as far as You could remember,
You had long been waiting.

These are days I’d embrace forever
Those when I spelled ‘your love’ with just a letter
And I defined it with just one Bible verse
I said I understood but I hardly even grasped a handful
(Yet my ignorance did not change your compassion
You loved me just as tenderly when I know as when I do not.)

These days I would take the memory to eternity
Twas when I said I’d do anything yet fall at the next breath
Days when I wanna love you more
Yet you did not let me
To make me understand how strong your love is
And how weak is mine
And that it will not change your affections
Even if it stayed that way

From stranger to friend to father to everything
Your patience never despised my slow and stubborn beginnings
My passage into freedom; from indifference to a love –
Too perfect, too profound, for the days of a human life –
And yet it pleased you to lavish more than what we could ever spell.

How could I forget childhood?
I am still there.


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