where is david?

The parallelism I think, is rather striking. After Wednesday night’s discussion with some Christian friends and after Thursday night prayer meeting, a new chapter seem to have been revealed. (What the heck are you talking about Riz….?? Hahaha. Please bear with me for a moment…)

I don’t know if it is only on my side of the Metropolis where a lot of Christians surrounding me were hoping that this certain Christian candidate would be elected into office. There were varied levels of intensity when it comes to this hope or desire, there were different means by which this hope was expressed, and there were as well, manifold reactions and grades of disappointment – ranging from “i-wasn’t-really-expecting-he’d-win” to “this-is-everybody’s-FAULT!!!” kinds of responses. I am not writing this to criticize or evaluate the people’s various reactions. But please allow me to share what the recent turn of events have opened ‘our’ eyes to see. (Yes, “our” eyes because these are realization I got as a result of fellowship and prayer with other Christians…)

1st. My vote was not in vain. I was sharing with the prayer group how I felt so much joy after I cast my beloved ballot. There was no assurance that my candidates would win but the process of asking God and prayerfully considering as I researched for facts and info on the candidates had been worthwhile because I did everything in love. I prayed rallied others to do the same – to seize the opportunity to vote as a opportunity to express their love from God and nation. When I cast that ballot, in my heart I was saying, ‘Win or lose, I am doing this as a spiritual act declaring that I DO WANT a moral and righteous Philippines to become my inheritance for the generations after me. And I want to be able to say with a pure conscience that I on this day I did vote for righteousness, and nothing less.’

Believe it or not, the week after the elections, I did feel that my choice made an impact spiritually. God and the heavens took notice. Even if my candidate did not win.

2nd. God is sovereign. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed by some immature reactions from Christians after the elections. I realized that God was really exposing the heart of His Church. In times of disappointment (not that all were disappointed but admit it, a lot of people were disappointed right?), character comes out and exposes if our lives are really grounded on God’s word or mere humanistic philosophies – which by the way we also do not want to idolize! I wanted to rebuke my brothers and sisters for not knowing better how to contain their emotions, God once again unfolded HIS ultra-Sovereign plan.

He does as he pleases with the powers of heaven and the peoples of the earth. No one can hold back his hand or say to him: “What have you done?” – Daniel 4:35

…for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. – Romans 13:1

For all I know, He already anticipated who was going to win. But furthermore, He also knew how the Body of Christ was going to respond. He was not surprised. He had a plan. And when we were looking ‘this way,’ I realized that God was really looking the other way.

3rd. We were looking at the seat of government. God was looking at the throne in our hearts. We were looking for opportunities to change the nation. God was looking for opportunities to change US.

Last Wednesday, Ate Nona asked us about our reflections and emotions regarding the recently ended elections. I shared with the group the joy I felt after voting and how me and my other friends felt the same. She also that God had already prepared her heart for the results. But what was continuously playing in her heart was the words the prophetess Cindy Jacobs released for the Philippines saying that, “It’s going to take a nation of Davids that says we no longer stand for a corrupt nation…” All of a sudden, pieces were falling into place. When God spoke of Israel in the Bible, He would always say that nations will know Him because of His people. It is the people, individually and collectively, whose character and reflection give glory to God. A godly leader might help but it is not the end in itself. It is just a means to accomplish things. And the MEANS by which God wants to accomplish righteousness is not our call. It is His. But one thing remains, the call to righteousness! We are still called to evangelize and disciple a nation.

We have attempted different ways of influencing the Philippines but right now, we are once again left with our spheres of influence. And if we really want change, HERE is where we will begin.

Part of a prophetic word that was released last Thursday was, “We are so caught up in wanting God to answer our prayers. But God wants us to be the answer these prayers.” And it was as though God, after waiting for the elections to end, finally gets to spill the real deal. I want you to be the answer. You are my hands and feet. Your are the salt and light!

4th. It was amazing how the word during the monthly prayer gathering last night (that started after Ondoy as an emergency inter-church – Body of Christ  prayer gathering) was about the river of God in Ezekiel. A prophetic word was released that God is pouring out His Spirit in our nation. That some of us say a little while more before the harvest but we must open our eyes because the harvest is ripe for the picking!


One of our intercessors (last Thursday) shared a dream that she had and it was about education and reformation. I told her that this is in line with another prophetic word released to the Philippines – that God is raising up reformers for this is what is needed to be able to really change a nation – Reformation. e must teach righteousness and replace corrupt structures with systems that are founded on the word of God.

This whole election season made me realize something, and that is that we have not really taken our responsibility to educate the people on how to choose a righteous candidate! It is the Church’s role to TEACH the nation what RIGHTEOUSNESS looks like and how it is lived. It’s really time to evangelize. It’s time to disciple. It’s time to REFORM.

So going back to my introduction: The parallelism I think, is rather striking….

It is rather striking how David was anointed way before He sat on the throne. The word was released way before we saw its fulfillment. It is also striking how David’s character shone best during the time when he humbly submitted to Saul’s authority. David’s kingly character was proven way before he became king. I see now that it is character that God is forming in the Church of the Philippines. One prayer gathering is not enough. We are being molded in His image and the process takes a lot of humility. Please agree with me that we are going to bind our faith together for a generation of Davids to be birthed from the throes of humility, meekness and submission. And the next time you are asked, “Where is David?” do look into your heart and purpose to find him there.


2 thoughts on “where is david?

  1. (sigh) thanks for this, Riz. although i sure felt a bit disappointed that my candidate didn’t win God also showed me that He is indeed sovereign. btw, Nap & Happy will start to share Lance Walnau’s 50 commands in the universities and there’s also a plan to disseminate this to the government sector.

    i like how you opened my “eyes” to this generation of Davids and how we are a part of it too. thanks for this post.


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