A Pledge to Finish this Race

I am absolutely positive that it is not difficult for God to seat a man of his choice in Malacanang. Daniel knows this without a doubt. So did King David and the prophet Samuel. Although a democracy requires that the vote of a majority should install a man in office, even man’s heart God is able to shift as He desires. See Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Gomer in Hosea, Israel in the book of Ezekiel, etc. Who then is like the Lord? Who is His equal and who can contend against Him? Is He at the mercy of man’s weakness? Is He not mighty to save? (Daniel 4:34-35, Isaiah 40:25 ff.)

There is nothing wrong in hoping and desiring for a righteous man to lead our nation. Come May 11, I was even dreaming of that by some wave of a wand the rankings would drastically change and then at the next moment I’d find myself blissfully watching a new era dawnon us (because my candidate is already taking the lead). So much for imagination…

But reflecting further I also found myself asking, “WHY NOT?” Why not the dawn of a new season and a righteous government when the God I serve had indeed spoken this very thing to me. Why not anticipate the crumbling down of corruption? Why not perceive the resurrection of a generation of heroes who shatter idolatrous altars and who establish righteous governance, peace and justice? ARE NUMBERS the ONLY solution to my appeal to God? Had God’s promise ever failed? Man’s ways do FAIL but has God’s EVER FAILED? Did He not say that ‘those who put their trust in Him will never be put to shame?’

Now that I recall it, He has not really promised that He will change my nation by a wave of a wand! He promised that He is able to save by many or by few. And I on my part have also pledged that I will finish this race as long as it takes. I said to my God that I am not asking for a microwave fix that would serve my impatience and gratify my soul that is in a hurry. But I am asking that for all of us, there will be GRACE and PERSEVERANCE to finish the race. That we will not be dwell on false finish lines but instead that we’d fix our gaze ahead of us.

It had indeed been a busy season filled with work, excitement and impassioned campaigning. And I admit that I am refreshed by the sudden relief from political advertisements. I am now wondering however, if the excitement and drive to “see this nation changed” has now waned down as well… I HOPE not.

Yes I am hoping and I am still praying with tears and groanings that my generation will transition into the destiny that is only found in Jesus and not in man and physical governments — although we are also to see manifestations in this realm when God radically moves. I am still breathing the scent of that promise whispered to my ears during intimate times with my God-King. I am certain that HE has spoken and that He will fulfill it, so I persevere.

My race, is not yet through. I will not forfeit what I have already reclaimed and worked hard for by fainting before the race ends. Neither is this the time for me to slow down. My God never left His throne. And I will see to it that I will be one of those who contends for the fulfillment of His word in my nation. Fighting not against flesh and blood, not shaken by what I witness, for the righteous shall live by faith. And this is our faith, that God is faithful to His word.


2 thoughts on “A Pledge to Finish this Race

  1. saw u in a dream,u wer running,running,running so fast… then u told me u don’t run,u go skating. go skate then,”skate” for the prize,hehe 🙂 amdg


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