How to Insert a Slideshow (at

Hi all! One of my friends asked me how I posted the SLIDESHOW on my blog “Building Bridges” so I thought I’d post a blog telling how I did it!

1. First, I uploaded the photos I want to use for the blog: On the page where we create a new blog entry, I clicked the tiny icon right beside the word “Upload/Insert.” It looks like a small rectangle with a solid grey square inside… I encircled it in pink here for you.

2. A window will pop up and you can now click “Select Files” and then upload the images (one at a time) you will use.

3. Once you have uploaded ALL the photos, in that same (pop-up) window or box, look for the TAB that says GALLERY. A list of the photos you have uploaded will appear. You can click the “Show” button to edit the info per image. Info like *description *title *hyperlink etc!

Then once you’re done, click “Save Changes.” Go to the bottom of the box and click “Slideshow.”

Then wala! You’re slideshow will appear on your blogpost but while you’re still editing, the slideshow will not yet appear the way the photos usually appear already. Instead, it will only appear as a text like this:


But when you view your post, it you will see the slideshow. =)