the makings of a valedictorian (student of driving and life)

Before I rushed out of my house for my 1st Driving (Refresher) Lesson, I had to tear myself away from the brownies I was having for dessert.

Add to the brownies. The day before I was sure of what jeepney I was going to ride but this morning, I suddenly got confused when the driver told me they don’t pass by that road. What? Eh kahapon lang lahat ng jeep dumadaan dun…

I blame those brownies and the jeepneys for making me 20 minutes late for  from my first 50 minute one-on-one coaching session.

Rule No. 1 – Be on time, unless you’d like to waste precious money.

Rule No. 2 – Be accountable for all your mistakes. Unless of course you want to keep making the same for the rest of your life and blame everyone else but you for every thing that goes wrong.

So hurriedly I got into the car. Thank God the air conditioning was perfect. My first spill was, “I haven’t driven a car in six years!” Talk about being completely honest with your teacher. Suddenly I realized I am not as daring or fearless as I had been six years ago. I didn’t show it of course. *Smile*

Rule No. 3 – “Don’t let your heart rule over your head.” And don’t let your heart ROLL over your head. ahihihi. And learn from Nike, sometimes, you gotta JUST DO IT.

He didn’t have me start the car. We started with a short review of the basics and soon my rubber slipper was on the gas, then clutch, brake, gas, clutch (change gear), gas, break, gas, etc…

Soon my confidence gradually returned. Not yet as daring but slowly shinning. I am good at this!

See, there was nothing else to do but trust my coach — that he knows what he is doing. If I do what someone who knows what he is doing tells me then surely I will be able to do what I should be doing because this man knows how it is done. Right?

Rule No. 4 – Trust instruction. (Listen and obey.) Trust in your ability to follow. Block out all doubts. Imagine the worst and be willing to RISK it. Nothing is learned without taking any risk.

So I just did everything he said and paid attention. Whatdaheck I wanna learn fast so I’ve gotta focus right?! Even when in doubt I just DID whatever he said! And lovely enough, it worked like magic! Soon I was back in the Driving School office. I parked our car right in front.

Rule No. 5 – Stretch your capacity to trust and obey. You don’t obey just ’cause it’s easy. You should also obey when the instruction scares you.

But then of course, you should also use your brain. Hahaha… But this is where humility comes in. A humble student will bend the rules a bit because of acquired skill and knowledge BUT a proud one could end up doing things all wrong because he or she thinks he or she knows better. Don’t choose the latter. 😉

Rule No. 6 – Be humble and eager to learn, re-learn, or un-learn.

Those are some of the things I learned today. I know there’s more I could learn but so far those are what I was able to gather. My coach said I did good, pretty good. Hehe. Thanks naman! Pang-3rd student’s permit ko na toh noh! (rofl)


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