sweetness in the hustle and bustle

i should have been up by 5am for my worship time ‘coz i was to go on errand at the LTO office for my student’s (driving) permit. well… i woke up 5am but dozed off again. what do you expect? i slept late TRYING to finish a poem that didn’t really make much sense. Talk about compulsion, and at a completely wrong timing… Regret came in the morning.

But Jesus is always good, I was able to get my permit in an hour – 830-930AM. Was able to do a bit of my morning rituals before taking off for a lunch date with Ate Celine 1230PM.

(By that time, I’ve had three baths already, two in the bathroom and one in the jeepney where the summer heat sent me perspiring to death! FYI, I don’t really perspire that much but the HEAT man!)

But a couple of things to be grateful for TODAY! For each day is indeed a day the Lord has made…:

Waiting at the LTO office, I spent time reading the book, “We Could Not But Tell” by Ross Tooley. It’s a book about heart to heart evangelism. I swear I could have cried in the crowded office but of course I held back the tears. I find it sweet that Jesus could still be ever so near even when you’re in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

And of course, I got my permit right here! So I’m assured of my driving class tomorrow. Yipee!

My third "temporary driver's license."

I was smiling as I took a ride home (from LTO). Love is in the air when Jesus walks with you huh?

Lunch was funny ’cause I paid for the bill by mistake and realized it almost an hour after my lunchmate and I had parted ways already.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my reflection on the mirror after lunch. How could I still look so pretty after almost swimming in sweat? Ahihihi… Must be the glory… (Ops! Walang hihirit! Blog ko to.)

I was also smiling as I strolled around the mall. And I was happy to have been able to check out a photo gallery I’ve been eying since Sunday.

I love photos! Oh yes I do! =P

I love photos and photography. Somebody buy me a DSLR!

Then I had the self-control to not go to Starbucks. (Ang budget! Hellur!?) So I stuck ear plugs and drowned the noise with music while net surfing beside BK Food Court.

I love BK!

And as usual, God had prepared this week in advance. Even as He had planned for me to purpose in my heart to catch up with friends, I found myself catching up with so many of them today! Not to mention the past days.

But of course, the day has not ended yet. I have yet to spend more time with Jesus. But I am grateful He has things in His hands. I am an expert at messing up. But with gratefulness and surrender to His will, I always find myself gracefully falling right back into His embrace. And every time, there is more glory.

Praise God.


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