Driving Lessons!

I am a bit disappointed to share that some six years ago, I already learned how to drive but my Dad was not able to handle the pressure of accompanying me as I practice my then newly learned skill. And so, also fearing for his health and heart (attack?), I did not push for more practice anymore… He tried to look for someone who can “practice” me but to no avail.

After six years…

…and after getting all the info I need online
…and after looking for the driving school for like an hour (!) we finally found our destination (together with full company — my Dad and sister)…

My dad, sister and I were supposed to get halo-halo at Chowking, but since it took us an hour to find the school… we ended up finally enrolling me.

2:30 p.m. today – I was officially enrolled. to get a student’s permit (for the 3rd time. bwahahaha!) tomorrow Wednesday. to start on Thursday. to have my last lesson on Tuesday. and hopefully to get my driver’s license by June (a student’s permit has to be at least 1 month old to be able to apply for a license.)

Please pray for me. This is the third time I am attempting this. Hopefully resurrection awaits me.


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