building bridges

Can’t help the nostalgia when so many close friends seem to have chosen to pursue a career in ‘a land far away.’ But as the optimist would remind us, we must choose to see that every cloud has a silver lining. So I did with God’s help as He gently reminded me that many of my friend’s may be far right now, but not all of them are beyond reach.

In fact, some of them are just a text away. Just like this girl who’s always on the go (kaladkarin?). Came to meet me even with just eight hours notice. (Well, eight hours isn’t exactly short notice huh? But then sometimes it is… Especially if you need warm bodies to hang out with, not warm laptops!)

Hello Megamall it is for Makati Chic Lyn and Marikina Girl, yours truly.

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QUENCH. Was what I had. Ultimately healthy.
Tempting abience even from the outside

Last two photos taken from article, “Mondo Juice” by Tisha Alvarez.


7 thoughts on “building bridges

  1. Riz!!!!!

    I miss you!!!! We’re all doing great here. Marunong na kong magbilang ng 1 to 10 sa Khmer. Naiwan ako sa city kase i fell from the stairs, baka di ko raw kayanin sa village at wala daw kuryente dun. Hi daw sabi ni Hannah, katabi ko siya ngayon sa internet shop. Gotta go sis! Mwah mwah mwah!!!!


    1. ay pano yun, ma-miss nila ang beauty mo. naku intercessor na naman ang assignment mo. haha. cge declare tayo radical salvation and lasting fruit for that trip. jrev intercession tonight. will remember you guys. hello din kay hannah, rhema atbp.! yiiiiiipeeeeee. enjoy! holy inggit ako!


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