A fragment of the GLORY-RIDE

I was browsing through my Photos Folder and I was reminded how I had not really blogged that much about my trips during the past few months. Not to boast that I have been traveling – it’s not like I went to Europe or something – but that God had caused so many exciting things to happen. Most of these however, would not have been possible had I not stepped out in obedience, especially during times when obedience kinda hurt a bit.

If God were into seasonal trends, then His trend in my life during the past five months always involved two things: travel and divine appointment/s. First was in Cotabato, then Bangkok, then Cebu, then Cebu again (in the same month), then Baguio. For two of these five trips (Cotabato and Cebu), I had to take a step of faith, but not without a clear and strong sense of direct leading from the Lord, which was proven by the amazing fruits those trips brought. For the other two local trips, I was blessed to have all-expense-paid trips.

First was Kidapawan (in Cotabato) last December 2009.

This trip shattered my definition of ‘not possible,’ drained my funds, but blessed me in ways that was totally new to me. If blessings can be made into a sandwich, then this one has more than multiple layers of bread in it making it higher than a quadruple-decker if there’s such a thing. (Blog link to follow.)

Jesus Revolution Now!
with JREV Kidapawan volunteers!

Second was a leisure/biyahera trip to Bangkok. My first time to travel to a foreign country with “friends only” with me as the organizer. It was an ADVENTURE! Not to mention I was sick the whole time but oh the JOY of the Lord was my strength even when on ‘vacation’!

Click here for blog posts on this trip. 😉

Floating Market
Damnoen Saduak, at Bangkok's outskirts

Third was a trip to Cebu for Ako ay Pilipino. It was my first time to experience such favor and provision through people other than my Dad! It was indeed an honor to serve with people who believe in me! It was also here that God began to speak new specifics on how to pray for my nation. (Blog link to follow.)

IFP Jubilee Celebration Prayer Voyage
At Magellan's Cross. The time is coming when we Filipinos will worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

As if the past weeks were not yet crazy enough, God speaks to me to go back to Cebu in two weeks – for another conference! This second trip was unbelievable in its sense of purpose. Each conference session was a divine appointment that made my spirit experience stirrings that drove me to a restless pursuit of God’s will. (Blog link to follow)

Intense worship and prayer for the nation

The last trip so far was Baguio, for the Nazirite Training Phase 3. As one of the trainees described testifying about the training, it is impossible to give justice to what it did in his life in a couple of words. It literally changed my routine and my lifestyle but underneath the tangible change was a miracle that God did in my heart. (Blog link to follow.)

Boiler Room
What is Intercession? What is Intimacy?

But of course, the saga did not end there. More dramatic events followed like my prayer-ministry-partner went home to Zamboanga for good – ‘causing a major shift in how I handle ministry and so on and so forth. But I’ll close with this one. The rest will be for another blog entry.

Powerpuff girls minus one (then minus one again) SOB...

One thing I understood as I contemplated on the series of events, is that it is God’s intention to BREAK-THROUGH our life’s limits but sometimes, in order for the most-awaited to be released, He has to first take us through a series of manifestations of His goodness, grace and glory, which are necessary for the release of His BEST. It is a GLORY-RIDE indeed but it happens not without HIS shedding of ABUNDANT GRACE for those radical risks taken in obedience. And it is a hunger-cultivating journey that leaves you REJOICING and yet DESIRING more of Him.


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