My Dream for A Better Philippines

by Atty Phillip via facebook note: Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 5:20pm

You may call me a dreamer but like Joseph with a multi-colored coat, I dare to dream that someday, I shall see a new Philippines liberated from the chains that bound her for centuries and rising up to be one of the world’s richest economies. A day where newly graduates consider running their own businesses in this country and where local employment is a more viable option than working abroad. A day where a small pothole in EDSA becomes national headline and a single case of graft in a government office elicits a nationwide uproar. A day where Filipinos in rural and seaside areas would prefer building on farms and market a vast array of agricultural and sea products than living in a crowded metropolis. A day where entrepreneurs could borrow money from the bank with the lowest interest and with no collateral, where local inventors get full government support for their innovations and discoveries, and where exploration of oil and natural resources is undertaken by 100% Filipino-owned companies. A day where families do not need to triple-lock their doors or install alarms or surveillance cameras for fear of being robbed. A day where the ordinary policeman is accorded the highest respect by both pedestrians and drivers, where a municipal teacher can afford to travel in style, and where working in government is the highest-paid occupation in town.

Yes, I dare dream of that day because I dare believe in the Dream Giver, the One from whom all things were made and to Whom all things return. Your opinions do not matter because what He had spoken forth about what is to happen to this nation will surely come to pass and no one and nothing can hinder that magnificent plan.

Don’t mind the pessimists of our generation. We can never move on as a people and as a nation if we think we can never reach our God-given destiny. Joseph never gave up on his dream. It was in the worst of circumstances where God finally moved and caused a breakthrough in his life. The point is, Joseph never gave up and never gave in to the darkness around him. I say we do the same. Let us not allow the madness around us to dictate our worldview on things. We are who we are because of God. Everything begins and ends in God.

So hold on with me my friend and dream for a better Philippines ahead. A new dawn is breaking. Lift up your heads, oh you gates, and let the King of Glory come in!!


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