Chuckielait and Jesus

It’s the Chuckielait. Calling it Chuckie just doesn’t bring to mind (or taste) the right connotations. ‘Cause it’s like Chocolait. It’s a chocolate drink. It is one of the things (or drinks) I love. It is as ordinary as 100 such tetra packs lined side by side on a grocery shelf. But it is as special as the smile it brings to my palate. It was what God told me to sip when I couldn’t contain the emotions that wanted to burst out of me. He said, “Riz, drink you Chuckielait.” So I did. And it made me smile because God said, “this is one of the things that helps you touch me.” I looked at the brown-and-yellow rectangular box and it is so REAL in my hand. I can see it, touch it, describe it, draw it and even taste what’s in it. Then I realized this is a piece of Jesus.

Because minutes ago I was feeling frustrated with the distance between my earthly state and God’s being spirit. Very few have been given the gift of seeing Jesus physically and I happened to be not one of them. But I wanted to see and touch him. I wanted to say, “Hey Jesus, where are we hanging out today?” And I want to see the actual expression on his face. I wanted to know what kind of clothes he would wear and what kind of food makes him run for the table. Yes he is God. But he was man here on earth and he is a PERSON.

So I found my God consoling me with this Chuckielait. He said, “the same thing is true of the rest of the stuff you have in this room Riz… the curtains, the drawers, the roads outside, the trees, the people. If you touch them and find me in them, then we’re one step closer to knowing each other. Don’t feel sad because I have left you with so many opportunities to find me and know me intimately.”

I’m going out now. My heart still feels sick inside. But I trust that my God will guide me as I take in the mundane things like Chuckielait as one of those things that hugs me closer to his chest.


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