Cool air and sleepy couches – Baguio day 1

Arrived at the Victory Liner bus terminal 4am. Reached our inn before 5am. (Man the weather was soooo goood! It was cool-cold. Early morning fresh air!) My sister and the rest of the JREV staff were already there. But at minutes past 4, they’re still sleeping. My sis welcomed us that morning. She had asked the owner if we can check-in later at 2pm so that this day will not be counted in our bill. According to my sister, the owner said yes, and we can also sleep in the living area of the ‘guest house.’

The place is really a house that rents out it’s rooms. It looks really pretty and homy homy homy! Well it’s a house, what do we expect huh? Thus, it wasn’t difficult to get comfy on the lovely long sofas! But to the SURPISE of everyone…

Come 6AM, when one of the house’s caretakers walked into the living room, TWAAANG @_@ she saw three of us comfortably sleeping with blankets and full bodies on the couches. What we did not know was that there were other guests in the house. Ahm, my sister told us there were no other guests but them (our companions). I imagined how shocked the caretaker was. And we were a bit embarrassed. See.. my dad was even snoring before that. Hahahah! But we had a good sleep. That’s all that matters. And ’cause we were told that it was okay, it was all guilt free. Hihihi.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a shot of us sleeping. Sayang! Living proof sana to be posted on our “list of bloopers” wall.


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